Choose Your Words Wisely

Choose Your Words Wisely

Choose Your Words Wisely

We communicate with one another through exchanging words in a given language. Through written or spoke words, we convey our ideas, perceptions of the world, feelings and beliefs. By choosing the right words and right communication, we can inspire, motivate and instill good values in someone or we can damage someone’s self-image, reputation and stir negative emotions.

Communication and the power of words become even more important when we try to communicate with someone who speaks a language other than our own.  We see how our words become meaningless if not understood. They become mere sounds and voices.  The other person will never understand us unless we speak their language or rely on translators and interpreters. The role of qualified translators and interpreters are even extremely vital when documents such as medical, legal and certified are being translated, or when providing face to face, over the phone and simultaneous interpretations to speakers of various languages. We need translators or interpreters to facilitate the communication between us, otherwise, without understanding the language and the words, verbal communication almost becomes impossible.

We have also seen the power of the words and communication through speeches by great leaders in history. These leaders chose the right words and communicated with others in ways that have changed their minds and hearts. For instance, Martin Luther King and Mahatma Ghandi exerted power through communication and the words of nonviolence that altered humanities consciousness. The power of their words have remained in us even today.

Moreover, our capacity to communicate through various languages has allowed us to build civilizations, cultures, technology and human relationships in all cultures around the world. Each sector of the society whether it is engineering, technology. healthcare, legal or government uses certain communication tools to sustain and grow their business.

We need to choose our words carefully and wisely because words can build new relationships or they can damage it. It is also important to focus on the right communication, and bridge language barriers so that we could be understood and spread the message of compassion, love, justice and joy to others. Communication is the only source of power that can evolve us and bring about the real change in all societies.

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