Equipment for Rent

Equipment for Rent

United Translations carries all Williams Sound and Multi-Caisses interpretation equipment for rent. Connect with us today at 952-688- 8166.Equipment for Rent

At United Translations, you will find every type of interpretation equipment needed for you event.
Whether you are holding a large international conference or accompanying a tour group on their
journey around the city, United Translations is a good place for renting interpretation equipment in
Minneapolis. All of our interpretation equipment rentals consist of Williams Sound products and Multi-
Caisses travel cases. These advanced products will ensure the utmost sound quality at your event.

  • Interpretation Booths
    • Full-size Soundproof booths
    • Table-top booths
  • Booth Accessories
  • Earphones & Headsets
    • Earmuff and Foldable
    • Replacement Ear Pads
  • Receivers
    • Wireless FM and IR receivers
  • Transmitters
    • Portable and Stationary
  • Digi-Wave digital transmitters and receivers
  • Microphones
    • Stationary
    • Wireless Lavalier
    • Push-to- talk
  • Interpreter Control Consoles
  • Accessories
    • Cables
  • Antennas
  • Power
    • Batteries
    • Device Chargers
  • Cases
    • Individual Cases for Digi-Wave Devices
    • Carrying Cases for Full Interpretation Systems

Williams Sound is an U.S. based company specialized in sound system products such as microphones, headsets, and transmitters. In order to stay at the top of the industry, Williams Sound is constantly working on new products and technologies, catering to the needs of the global community. Multi-Caisses is a global leader in the manufacturing and distribution of reusable shipping cases. The company serves a variety of industries and provides excellent options for the safe, secure transportation of sound equipment. If you wish to save money, renting interpretation equipment may be the perfect solution. Renting is often much cheaper than purchasing, and each time you rent you have an array of options and can choose the products which will best suit your needs. When you use United Translations for your equipment rental for interpretation, you gain access to a large inventory of equipment for every type of situation. We offer various options of all types of projects. The next time you decide to throw a multi-lingual event, consider United Translations for your interpretation equipment rentals. Our extensive inventory and flexible rental policies make us the best source of interpretation equipment rentals in Minneapolis. If you are interested in renting equipment for interpretation from United Translations, click here for a free quote

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