Simultaneous Interpretation

Simultaneous Interpretation

Simultaneous interpretation takes a bit more setting up and is ideal for situations where there are people present who speak many different languages. In such situations, the interpretation occurs while the source language speaker speaks, as quickly as the interpreter can formulate the spoken message to the target language.

Simultaneous interpretation is used in various situations such as business conferences, graduation ceremonies, or in any situation where there are no pauses between speakers allowing time for the interpreter to relay information to the interpretee.  For instance, at international conferences and at the UN, simultaneous interpretation is effected while the interpreter sits in a sound-proof booth and speaks into a microphone while listening with earphones to the source speaker, usually with a clear view of him or her. The interpreter then relays the message in the target language into the microphone to the target language listeners who wear headsets so they can hear the interpretation occur simultaneously.

Simultaneous interpreting is also the most common mode used by sign language interpreters, as there is no audible language interference while both languages are being expressed simultaneously.

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