Working across different languages is not an easy task particularly when the accuracy of what is being translated is of extremely importance. As a legal professional it is likely you will at some point engage with a client that requires some form of language support. When you do encounter a non-English speaking client, it is quite possible that you will need various files translated into their language whether it is by email, through website, contracts or presentations.

You can turn to us-maybe as a legal professional you would like to extend your reach beyond our shores to capture new business from emerging markets.

How would you do that without an accurate legal translation solution?

At United Translations we work with a wide range of organizations to support their language requirements. Our expert legal translators support customers via our pioneering telephone interpreting service and top-quality legal translation service, which enables customers to translate their websites, letters, manuals and many other forms of communication into over 150 languages.

If you would like to receive a free assessment of how United Translations could help to overcome language barriers and engage with the community, please contact us at 952-688-8166 or at