Everything You Must Know About Cultural Translation

Everything You Must Know About Cultural Translation

Cultural Translation - Cambodian Culture

While most people are not cognizant of the precise meaning of cultural translation, it is still an extremely popular concept. Meant to represent such translation practices that involve cultural differences, this methodology has several interpretations.

Started primarily in 1990, it is also described as one such practice that intends to put forth different cultures through translation. Regardless of the culture linked issues existing in the world, this type of translation aims to solve them, including food, dialect, and architecture.

Cultural translation, in a way, can also be studied through the field of anthropology, which specifically focuses on cultural problems among human beings.

Hence, an anthropological translator ought to deal with several types of issues and problems that may arise between the source and the target language.

Since it is not obvious to know everything about this concept. As a result, this post is meant to put in some knowledgeable facts into your mind regarding cultural translation. Read on!

The significance of Cultural Translation

Undoubtedly, cultural translation is one of the most challenging factors of translation. Not just this aspect requires to be bilingual, but the translator must also have a profound knowledge of cultures as well. Although it is easier to comprehend what the person is saying, however, it needs special skills to understand the meaning and convey the same in another language precisely.

Often, cultural interpretation necessitates the translator to have a kind of personal experience in both the cultures of the resource and target languages. For instance: an immigrant to India may not speak Hindi and would have to face difficulties while meeting a doctor. While the person might be already scared, to make things worse, the description of symptoms may be communicated in Hindi, with several subtleties, slangs, and barriers.

In such a situation, a cultural translator comes into the limelight. There are several other amazing benefits as well, such as:

The requirement to Understand

There is no denying the fact that the world is in desperate need of qualified interpreters all around the globe. And, the current technology is not extremely competent to bridge the gap between cultures. This is the reason why people look out for premium and superior translation services.

Even for business owners, it is essential to cover up different languages, dialects, and cultures to serve the best of a diverse range of customers. However, when it comes to written documents, the problem of cultural barriers remains the same.

For instance: If an English entrepreneur would want to pitch his business to a Chinese-speaking investor, not just he would have to translate into the investor’s language but would also have to keep his culture in mind. This is primarily where cultural translation plays a better role.

Understanding Approach

When you get translation services, you don’t just get word to word translation. The primary goal of the interpreter remains to provide an understanding and clarity. This might be similar to having a clear understanding of cultural regulations and norms upon visiting another country.

If you are visiting for a business purpose, not knowing their culture may end you in problems. You may end up kissing cheeks for greeting when they only allow shaking hands. Therefore, the importance of a cultural translator does not seem less in such situations.

Why Cultural Translation is Necessity of International Business

Considering cultural translation is extremely essential when it is about translating business ideas or techniques for an international audience. The whole point is to advertise a cause, products, services, or a brand.

If the promotional message isn’t touching the right chord, it might be taken as offensive. And the result might lead to complete eradication of the brand’s presence from the market, resulting in loss of money as well as opportunities.

Therefore, while approaching the audience of a completely different country, the barriers should be kept in mind while designing branding materials.

For instance: If you are promoting your clothing brand in a Muslim country, you must keep in mind how women dress up there. So, if you are showing a woman covering her head in your marketing material, you may get an anticipated positive outcome from the endeavor.

Language issues in international business have always been the midpoint of thriving empirical and theoretical work. For any successful business, it is important to know the cultural differences between varied cultures.

If you step out to sell one specific kind of product in different culturally-driven markets, the game isn’t going to be an easier one for you. Also, you would have to keep in mind that the thing you are selling isn’t violating any rules depended on the culture of that country.

You’d have to design promotional campaigns by keeping the cultural background of the country in mind. Right from local branding strategies to managing human resources, you’d have to keep a keen eye on every single thing.

Also, motivational methods, reward schemes, working environment, and more cannot be quite the same for employees working in different nations. Thus, there arises the need to understand different aspects.

Being an understanding business owner or a boss, you should be having good relationships with employees residing all across the world. Until or unless your working force isn’t wary of what exactly you are selling, they won’t be able to explain the same to the market.

In such a situation, taking help from a cultural translator will help you to a great extent when it comes to not only handling branding but employees as well as the international audience as well.


While expanding the business becomes an essential aspect of the growing part, it’s not always that you may get your hands on someone reliable and dependable. In such a situation, a translator comes into the picture when it is about spreading the wings of your brand in different territories.

However, whenever you hire a translator, you must ensure that he/she is not only fluent in the target language but is also wary of the country’s culture. It will help you execute branding, handle clients and employees with ease.

So, make sure that your translator is competent enough to fulfill different requirements along with providing a tinge of cultural values of a particular country.

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