The Power of Communication

The Power of Communication

Power of Communication

The way we communicate with ourselves and others have a tremendous power. Our self-talk and believing in certain words we tell ourselves shape our personality, reality and view of the world. The words we choose to convey to others can affect them negatively or positively. In other words, right communication can lead to healthy and lasting relationships or it can damage it.

We have also seen the power of the words and communication through speeches by great leaders in history. These leaders chose the right words and communicated with others in ways that have changed their minds and hearts. For instance, Martin Luther King and Mahatma Ghandi exerted power through communication and words of nonviolence that altered humanities consciousness.  

Moreover, our capacity to communicate through various languages has allowed us to build civilizations, cultures, technology and human relationships in all cultures around the world. Each sector of the society whether it is engineering, technology. healthcare, legal or government uses certain communication tools to sustain and grow their business.

Finally, it is essential for us to focus on the right communication, choose the right words and bridge language barriers so that we could spread the message of compassion, love, justice and joy to others. Communication is the only source of power that can evolve us and bring about the real change in all societies.  Jawad Behsudi

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