Video Remote Interpreting

Video Remote Interpreting

Top-of- the-line Video Remote Interpreting tools

Those who have Limited English Proficiency (LEP) or are deaf and have a hard time hearing things clearly, United Translations offers Video Remote Interpreting (VRI). Through this translation service, United Translations intend to offer remarkable services along with extraordinary care for its clients.

This Video Remote Interpreting tools by United Translation, you can seamlessly communicate with others from any device, no matter where you are sitting. This service provides a myriad of benefits along with decreasing the cost and having access to skilled specialists video interpreters on your tablet, smartphone, or PC.

Furthermore, to lessen the jeopardy of misinterpretation, this VRI technology enables comprehensive understanding through visual as well as vocalized communication. It also captures facial expressions and body language to facilitate even easier understanding process.

What is VRI

VRI stands for Video Remote Interpreting. This is a procedure, much like the sign language, which enables people who are deaf or find it difficult to hear easily to communicate with others either through video conferencing or on-site interpreting. This methodology can be useful during an emergency situation or in rural areas.

This technique works by means of equipment for video conferencing available at both the locations. By sitting at a call center, a translator uses a specific headset to clearly hear what the other person is speaking. As the person continues speaking, the translator communicates through on a web camera to the deaf person. When the deaf replies on the camera, the translator then watches the actions and speaks the same to the third person.

Advantages of utilizing Video Remote Interpreting services at United Translations Services:

On-Demand Services Provision

United Translations Services offers the on-demand provision of services, like:

  • On-demand connection to a translator within 20 seconds
  • On-demand availability of audio translation
  • On-demand access to approximately 5,000 proficient and expert linguists

24X7 Services & Support

At United Translations Services, time is not a big restriction. We are available 24 hours
round the clock and 7 days a week. You can get:

  • Availability of ASL & Spanish 24/7
  • Audio translation
  • 24/7 technical support

Whether you are facing difficulties anywhere or just want an instant translation, we are
always on our toes for you.

Unlimited Linguists Back-Up

Another advantage that you can anticipate at United Translations is a wide number of
linguists back up. Here you can get:

  • Verified & qualified interpreters
  • Trained through industry-specific ethics
  • Linguists proficient in more than 200 languages

Reduced Risks of Misunderstanding

With the help of high-quality audio and video equipment in use, United Translations works with an objective to reduce the risk of confusion as much as possible. The trained lot of interpreters know how to communicate seamlessly through visual and vocalized way. Therefore, understanding body language and facial expressions become easier.

American Sign Language Support
Out of more a wide range of languages, Untired Translations also provide American Sign Language. Not just that, but our extensive team even boasts about being nationally certified in American sign language translation. Therefore, you can assure that you are going to attain nothing but the best of services.

200+ Languages Supported

Considering the fact that United Translations is backed by a large team, you wouldn’t have to regret your choice, regardless of the language that you prefer. Having said that, our skilled and experienced interpreters specialize in more than 200 languages, just to help you better and efficiently.

HIPAA Compliant

Keeping your security of private information as an utmost priority, we assure you that our services surely take care of what you share with us. Our video and audio technologies are

dynamically HIPAA complaint. Furthermore, it is even protected with end-to- end encryption; hence, you wouldn’t have to be hesitant while sharing your private information with our interpreters.

If you are in need of an interpreter who would translate things for you, in your language, seamlessly, then United Translations would be the place to be at. You can even get a free trial if you just want to test our services. So, without further ado, get in touch with us today to know more about our services and have a fair idea of our prices.

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