Interpretation Equipment

Interpretation Equipment

Conference Interpretation

Interpretation-Equipment MinneapolisWhen preparing for a conference, focus is often given to preparing written materials and visual presentations to ensure an enriching experience for participants. When some of those participants don’t speak the same language as the presenter, however, specialized services are needed. United Translations can provide both the staff and equipment to guarantee equal participation of all attendees, regardless of conference size or intricacy. We offer high-quality equipment, including FM 8 channel receivers, receiver headphones, interpreting booth, interpreter consoles, interpreter microphones, interpreter headsets, and both stationary and portable transmitters.

For your next large gathering, our professional conference interpreters stand ready to help your presentation cross language and cultural barriers. In addition to being included as part of your conference interpretation, we will personally ensure all equipment is in good working order well in advance of your conference start time. GET AN INSTANT FREE QUOTE

Tour Interpretation

Regardless of the occasion, on-the-go interpretation into and out of any language becomes reality with United Translation’s portable transmitters. While tour guests wear comfortable headphones attached to a small portable receiver, flawless interpretation enables full participation as if there were no language barrier.

With a range of 150 ft. and multiple channels to choose from, our portable transmitters make it possible to receive interpretation in multiple languages, while also providing convenient mobility and ease of use. For details, please contact us at 952-688-8166.