Video/Web Conference Interpretation

Video/Web Conference Interpretation

Video Conference Interpretation Minneapolis, MNIf you’re like most busy professionals, you have a thousand things to complete during the work day, and little time to waste. With United Translation’s top-of-the-line video and web conferencing tools you are able to communicate with anyone from anywhere without leaving your desk. That means you can still check incoming email and keep track of other work tasks without the worry of a long commute to a distant city that consumes your valuable time.

How Can Utilizing  Video Interpretation Improve Care Access?

Many medical providers throughout the country have turned to video translation services to accommodate patients who speak little or no English. United Translations makes it accessible to address the growing need for interpreters in these care facilities, particularly in big cities with large non-English-speaking or deaf populations.

United Translations ensures that all its translators and interpreters are able to effectively communicate with both patients and practitioners. All translators specialize in the medical field and its terminology, and agree to a non-disclosure agreement to ensure patient-doctor confidentiality and guard against liability.

Additionally, by using VRI services provided by United Translations, you can keep your and your patients’ costs low. Consider the cost of using a remote interpreter through United Translations compared to the cost of a traditional, face to face interpreter, which can cost as much as $30 per hour plus per-mile travel costs. With a low, per-minute rate and no travel costs incurred, the benefits of VRI by United Translations is clear.

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